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Well i'm having problems yet again

Installed my new Ultra-D today and it booted ok into bios but when i was moving around the menus it froze...had to do a hard reset and this time it rebooted to a black screen with a single white vertical line to the right of the screen...

Did another hard reset and got back into the bios and setup all my options and rebooted, came up with a black screen with a flashing _ in the top left hand corner, so another reboot and back into bios and moving about the bios it froze again

So i reset CMOS again and waited for 10mins, booted up and this time left everything at defualt and it booted fine into windows, moved about in windows ok and seemed to run fine, so restarted and went back into bios and started to setup all my settings again and it froze on the menus again, so rebooted and back to a flashing _ in the top left hand corner....had to do another hard reset and this time it allowed me to setup everything and boot into windows which ran fine, but going back into bios to change something it froze yet again!

So i then downloaded TMODS latest CD and flashed to 704-2BTA and still the same problems, then tried 623-2BTA and it's still randomly freezing when moving around the bios menu.

Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?
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