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Decided to play some more with my 170 today as it's now running in my A8N SLi Premium with my G.Skill HZ's. (Until i get my Ultra-D sorted out )

The 150 is now running in my A8R32-MVP Deluxe and is currently priming at 2905MHz @ 1.4 BIOS volts & using my newest G.Skill ram , 2GB ZX extreme Series at 2-3-2-5, i'll get some screenies of that setup a bit later.

Ok, below is a screenie of my current PI runs with this setup, this 170 is surprising me more and more with how far i can push it and with such low voltages!

PI Runs:

Ambient Temp: 24.7c
Idle Temp: 32c
Load Temp: 39c

The above runs are with a Vcore of 1.40 BIOS volts, ram at 1:1 @ 2.65v with clocks of 3-4-3-6 , not to bad considering i had a few other programs running in the background, anyway just about to do a 32m run and then some stress prime but thought i would post an update of where i was at first.

More to come.
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