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High HTT/FSB on divider tests.

Seems so far managed 366FSB/HTT as the highest i've been able to boot into windows. It needed LDT dropped from 4x to 3x though. Managed to push out an 8M time but windows frooze trying to save the cpuz validation file heh.

But seems 334FSB/HTT is fine with LDT 4x!. Haven't tried higher than 334FSB/HTT for now.

Click on image for large full size screenie with A64Info showing the HTT Bus speed etc

Settings used for 9x334HTT = 3005Mhz

FSB Bus Frequency: 334
LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio: 4x (tried 5x but system didn't boot)
CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio: 9x
RD580 HT PLL Speed: High
HT Bus NMOS Drive Strength: 31
HT Bus PMOS Drive Strength: 31
HT Bus Receiver Impendence: 10
CPU HT Bus Drive Strength: Strong
K8 Cool & Quiet Support: Disabled

CPU VID Control: 1.5v (set higher due to low vcore + high vdimm issue)
CPU VID Special Control: AUTO
DRAM Voltage Control: 3.4v
SB PCIE Voltage: 1.85v
NB Analogue Voltage: 1.34v
LDT Bus Voltage: 1.34v
NB Core Voltage: 1.34v

DRAM Frequency Set: 150
CPC: Enabled
CAS (tCL): 2
tRCP: 2
tRAS: 5
tRP: 2
tRC: 7
tRFC: 14
tRRD: 2
tRW: 2
tRTW: 2
tWTR: 2
tREF: 4708
Bank Interleaved: Enabled
Errata 94: Disabled
Errata 123: AUTO
Odd Divisor Correct: Disabled

DQS Skew Control: AUTO
DQS Skew Value: N/A
DRAM Drive Strength: 3 (weak)
DRAM Data Drive Strength: 2 (-33%)
DIMM 1/2 Clock Timing Skew: AUTO
DIMM 3/4 Clock Timing Skew: 450ps
Max Async Latency: 9ns - needed 9ns otherwise memtest86+ test #5 errors with 8ns
Read Preamble Time: 5ns
IdleCycle Limit: 16clks
Dynamic Counter: Enabled
R/W Queue Bypass: 16x
Bypass Max: 7x
Burst Length: 4

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