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Bios flashing:
First thing I did was install my RD1-PMC4 Bios savior on the motherboard to allow me to switch between the original bios chip and the RD1 backup bios function. I then flashed both original bios and RD1 backup bios to 417 bios which fixes alot of early issues with memory settings being set too tight to begin with.

Tools needed:
- A64Info v0.50 to display memory settings in windows.
- Winflash from CD-ROM if you want to flash in windows

Official Bioses:
417 bios
1. Update Kernel Code to 2006/04/08
2. Update Agesa code(Patch some CPU PST)
3. Fix SATA control device show wrong sequency number
5. Change FSB Start from 0 MHz
6. Fix support SST 49LF040B fail
7. Change Threshold in check 200mhz cl 1.5 setting
8. for better overclocking with infenon dram cell
10. Remove ALI AC97 for H/W not support and change item string show
425 bios
Enhance Memory module compatibility.
I asked my DFI contact about the specifics and 425 bios is basically 424 beta bios confirmed as official and it loosens the timings more for Infineon based memory modules for better compatibility.

Beta Bioses:
510 beta bios
Fix USB Legacy(Mouse/Keyboard) all enable will cause USB KB/MS fail under DOS (issue ).

519 beta bios
1. Fixed Silicon image ( SATA) + Uli (Raid ) combination.
2. Turn on ULI and silicon image raid at same time but Silicon image just support Raid5 only at the combination .

523 / R5D_043C beta bios
1. Update ULI SATA Raid Rom from v1.1E to v1.20 .
2. Change CMOS location for enable ULI raid item will cause 'DRAM Data Drive Strength' item control fail.

R5UD728 beta bios
Update ULI RAID BIOS from V1.11E to v1.22

Bios flashing procedure:
Right now latest official bios is 417 and 425 and beta bios is 424. I choose to use 417 bios as most folks have given positive feedback on this. The 424 beta and 425 official bios is meant to improve memory compatability so if 417 bios doesn't work for you, try 424 or 425.

- Read RGones thread here
- Run drdos.exe with a blank floppy disk in your floppy drive to create a bootable floppy
- Download 417 bios (zip file version) from and extract the contents but delete the autoexec.bat that is included as it's not needed and would overwrite the one DrDOS places on the floppy.
- Rename the .BIN file to 417.BIN
- Copy 417.BIN and AWDFLASH.EXE files to the blank floppy disk you made bootable
- Reboot pc with floppy inserted - ensure in bios you have boot order correctly set for removable device as 1st boot priority
- At A:/ prompt type the following:

AWDFLASH 417.BIN /cks /cc /cd /cp /sn /py /qi /ld /wb /e

- You will be brought back to prompt, flash using same commands again i did this 3 times before rebooting pc
- Then quoting RGone "turn off the power supply and move the cmos jumper to the clear pins and remove the battery and leave about 5 mins or so and then put battery back FIRST and then move the cmos jumper back to pins 1 and 2 and repower power supply and boot to bios and setup". I didn't remove the battery just powered off the psu and cleared CMOS (waiting 5 mins before setting CMOS jumper back to normal position) and booting back up my system.

Winflash method:
If you do insist on flashing in windows instead of DOS, then you need Winflash app from your motherboard CD-ROM. DFI sent me an official flashing guide for CFX3200-DR which is meant to prevent the Clearing CMOS issue. I converted the guide to a PDF format for easier viewing.

Notice the guide shows NOT to check clear cmos box in Winflash!

Download guide:
PDF version (~404KB)

Winzip compressed PDF version (~295KB)

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