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Sticks top heatspreader

Opteron 146 CABYE 0540FPBW
DFI NF4 Ultra-D AD0 623 official bios
PCI Matrox GFX
2x18GB 10K U160 SCSI Driver + Adaptec 2100S Raid Controller
480W Antec True Power PSU 20-pin with 24-pin converter
Windows 2003 Server STD X64

2x 512MB OCZ PC4000 Gold VX CH-UTT dual channel kit

chipset = 1.5v
LDT = 1.2v
LDT 4x

CPC = Enabled
CAS Latency(CL) = 2
RAS to CAS(Trcd) = 2
Min RAS# Active time(Tras) = 8
Row Precharge Time(Trp) = 2
Row Cycle Time(Trc) = 7
Row Refresh Cycle Time(Trfc) = Auto
Row to Row Delay(Trrd) = 2
Write Recovery Time(Twr) = 2
Write to Read Delay(Twtr) = 2
Read to Write Delay(Trwt) = 3
Refresh Period (Tref) = 3120
Write CAS Latency(Twcl) = Auto
DRAM Bank Interleave = Enabled
Skew = AUTO
Skew Value = 0
DRAM Drive Strength = Auto
DRAM Data Drive Strength = Auto
Max Async Latency = Auto
Read Preamble Time = Auto
Idle Cycle Limit = 256
Dynamic Counter = Auto
R/W Queue Bypass = 16x
Bypass Max = 7x
32 byte Granularity = Disable(4burst)

230MHz 32M SuperPI run
---Yellow Slots & Orange slots same results
---vdimm is set to 3.2v+0.3 however it drops from 3.17v idle to as low as 3.04v 3.3v rail is around 3.2v at load

OK on 3.4-3.5v these looked like 255Mhz stick.....just slighly less than other so just sticking the first second kit

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