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View Single Post - Preferred BH-5 kit for DFI NF4?
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My vote is for old skool BH-5

but with new stuff you get warranty which is always good.

And just for bragging and ep*nis size :

I have two pairs of old skool BH-5
1pair of 512MB Corsair 3200LL, which has always been great
and 1 pair of Kingston HyperX which was crap. Until I had a look and saw that the heatspreaders were peeling off the ram chips. So I took the heatspreaders off.

Now I have not tested beyond DDR500 but all 4 sticks run fine at DDR500 2-2-2-6. DDR500 works out to be around the max OC for my CPU. All at 3.2vdimm and active cooling. I have also had these sticks from new and have been burning them in for years. So that may account for my good lower voltage results.
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