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View Single Post - HIS X1800XT stock heatsink vs Zalman VF700CU results
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Unhappy with temps all round decided to take apart my entire bench rig and move it from behind my new 1HP portable air con unit to in front of it to see if I can cool the system now and guess what it's pretty cool now

Pics at

X1800XT @621/747

Idle & Load

Air con is @26C reported temps
- reduced X1800XT idle temps from 43-44C at 100% fan speed to 32-33C at 100% fan speed
- reduced X1800XT voltage regulator temp from 52-55C to 39-42C
- reduced PWM and Chipset idle temps from 33-38C to 24-26C
- reduced X1800XT load temps from 67-71C to 47-49C

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