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After few days of testing:

NB 1,492v
Mem 1,756v

Dram timing modes were set to 3-3/5-5.

Under stress test with Prime95 the memory voltage drops a lot to 1,66v. This stress is similar to any 3d engine especially when combined with video playback.

With those voltages system survived 7 hours in 35 c ambient temperature, 60c on NB, 70c on CPU.

This chipset is beast. Therefore I decided to upgrade also my PSU. I removed the great Seasonic 500W and used Corsair 650watt PSU again. 5v and 12v rails stabilized a bit. 3.3v now shows 3.08v which is still not the best, but better than 3,02v with seasonic psu.
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