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TEAM[AU] AMD Extreme Overclocking Demo - KLCC 2011 PCFAIR Dec 4th

Earlier in December I was invited by AMD and Asus to participate in an overclocking workshop / extreme demo at the KLCC PC Fair here in Malaysia.

The idea, to run 3 workshops to show people the basics of overclocking on air, then finish each with a demonstration using LN2.

AMD Malaysia very kindly provided me with two retail FX8150's for the event, ASUS Malaysia provided me two Crosshair V motherboards and a 6990, and Kingston also came to the party with 2 kits of HyperX DDR3 1600 CL9 Memory and 2 crazy fast HyperX SSD's.

I basically had just over a week to test the setups before the event - but rocked up Saturday complete with a really bad head cold and ready to go

Glad I had two setups prepped, as with workshops at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm - no sooner had I stripped the LN2 rig down and dried everything out, it was time to start again. Alternating the rigs on LN2 at least gave them a bit of time to recover from the thrashing just an hour before

Backed everything off from the max runs I had done at home (just to make sure that it wasnt a workshop with nothing but blue screens ) and had a pretty smooth time over all the sessions that were run

I picked 3dmark05 for the demo as it really scales well with CPU speed increases, and was able to bench at 5g easy on air (all cores), 6.2g easy on LN2 (all cores) and 7.1g easy on LN2 (2 cores only). Max cpu speed on the day was 7.8g - but I need to come back and spend some time on this - hadnt really tested too much prior to the event as I didnt want to kill anything in advance

Was a pretty good turn out of visitors on the day, and I have included a few photos and screen shots below. My drive backup with all my screenshots seems to be having a few issues so there is a mix of screens from the day (with 6990) as well as my testing before (using 5870).....

Was also great to meet a few of the local overclockers on the day - know many via the forums but never met in person before. Finally got to meet Coolice, Sanko and Kunta for the first time and also managed to catch up with Superfly for the first time in almost a year

Really enjoyed the event, and thanks again to AMD, ASUS and Kingston for the invite to play with all these toys!!

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