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hi andyscott, as per your QPI/DRAM (cpu vtt) voltage is too low for 6 dimm slot population, the link at has suggested guidelines for such voltages to start with

probably need to try voltages that aren't suited for 24/7 if you want rated mem speeds, if you want 24/7 safe voltages you'd need to underclock your memory i.e. DDR3-1600Mhz 9-11-9-27 at 1.66v memory volts and cpu vtt (QPI/DRAM) between 1.35-1.45v for 6x2GB. If you want to push DDR3-1600-2000Mhz then you'd need QPI/DRAM 1.45-1.65v which is cpu killing volts for 24/7 as per has link to

Also as per Further Recommended Reading & Examples links listed in first post, some links will have suggestions for manual voltages which are needed rather than leaving stuff left at AUTO
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