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6-8-6-20 1T 1.65V , fast test, I didn't have much time yesterday but 2 days ago passed memtest and some other longer tests

I can make ~1800 on 1.35-1.4 QPI/VTT but can't boot on 2000+ under 1.5V ... still checking different timings but I'm not sure if anything will help. My cpu is kinda weak and as I see it can't pass any test above 4200 uncore with ram 2000+ ... something about 4100 is benchable but not stable. I will try to get other cpu in some time and make more 2000+ tests.
Changing VDIMM to ~1.75V isn't helping much but I didn't make many tests yet.

I can't complain for this kit so far. 1600@6-8-6-20, 1850@7-9-7-22, 2000@8-9-8-24 seems stable on 1.65V. 1600@6-7-6-18 wasn't stable but I think I can make it when I set all right.
Funny is that I still couldn't pass anything on 9-9-9-24 while 8-9-8-24 is stable.

@eva2000 : I was testing 2000+ 8-9-8-24 1T 1.65V on 200bclk/4000uncore. From what you said in linked thread :
For 200+ bclk and 1950+ mhz mem speeds CPU VTT 1.4-1.65v needed.

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