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By Booj View Post
Well the blowouts in ETA for the retails has prodded me into getting one of those Q3FE's. I hope it's half as good as Bob's and UF's.. going to be nervous firing it up for the first time haha Will take it real easy for starters.
hehe, good luck there hope you get a good gem one

By kayl View Post
im using a silverstone 1000w, i was thinking of getting a 1200w PSU just in case

thats the same reason why i bough an ES, couldnt wait and they are cheaper as well.
just go easy on VTT voltage
By Uncle Fester View Post
I am using corsair hx 1000, great psu
Yeah currently using HX1000 as well, I have silverstone OP1200 but it doesn't have enough PCI-E connectors for tri config unlike HX1000! Weighing up between Enermax 1250 Revolution and Antec Quattro 1200 non-OC edition both around same price AUD$297 and $319 respectively.
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