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By bob(nz) View Post
Well I took the plunge today and moved up to 1.8V on the CPU, guessing I will be at 1.9+ by Easter

Forgot to loosen the memory speed / timings - so will have to revist my max CPUZ next time.....980X @ 6384

Also managed a PB 32M Super Pi - again forgot to check my settings in advance so pretty poor uncore on this run .......

And a quick blast on PiFast at 6160....

I am going to stick with this CPU speed and spend some time on the RAM subtimings / Uncore speed to see what further improvement I can achieve before ramping the CPU clocks higher
Nice, at least they scale with vcore somewhat Congrats on the PB 32M time mate

By Uncle Fester View Post
wow very nice chip u have there bob i havnt tested mine yet im soooo busy organising asus event, i just hope its as good as yours
I know the feeling when stuff takes time away from actual benching

By SYF_Karma View Post
and a further run, but not stable enough
nice start, looks very decent indeed. Cpu temps reported from realtemp 3.58 ?
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