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By eva2000 View Post
BD... please be nice, author has every right to protect and direct how his software/creations are used Could just be a misunderstanding as this thread was created 7+ months ago and I was just quoting what that thread said.
Sorry George, its 6am in my part of the world and I hadn't had my coffee yet

By steve6375 View Post
Yes, sorry, the top post was copied from an old thread on Boot-Land and it contained my own download link!!! My apologies, I did not look close enough at it and someone on BootLand said there was an unauthorised download on this site! Clearly a misunderstanding on my part for which I sincerely apologise.
Boot-Land keeps going down and I have to post temporary download links so people can download it! Could you remove the original datafilehost link in the 1st quote please?
@BlackDragon24 - I wrote the app. myself, I spent a lot of time on it and a lot of midnight oil was burnt (and a lot of USB flash drives burnt!) and I give it to the world for free private use. You are perfectly at liberty not to use it if you don't like my ethics...
Thanks for the clarification Steve....It looks like a good app, and it seems it was all a misunderstanding combined with lack of caffeine
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