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By CryptiK View Post
Looks quite neat. I wouldn't call yourself a stability nut having only run prime for about an hour before assuming it will be stable for 4 hours then moving on up though

What do you mean by "will install the indigo at overclock instead of default to prove the stability" ?

Good luck getting to 4.4 HT on, would be a very quick machine.
stability nuts knows shortcuts
if not wont be skipping to 4.4 HT
that + other short test on other programs..
it will pass 4-8 hours.
12 hours usually might need pwm tweaking.

indigo extreme.. needs a temp around 95-100C.
currently the 4.3 is at 78C with tx3
confident with 4.4 its going to touch around 82-85C very close to the throttling.
test conducted at ambient temp of 32C.
tested already if i was to disable 5 fans of the push pull confit on my rad.. i will be nearing 100C.
so will do it at 4.4ghz HT on for the indigo extreme reflow. instead of the safe default cpu speed.
reason being .. this way i can really see the difference of this TIM.

btw that blend test above tested a few custom scripts on certain fft that has large % of detecting failures.
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