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Talking RMPREPUSB.EXE - Bootable USB format utility, A new Windows USB tool replace HP Format Utility

Looks to be useful

I have uploaded current version RMPrepUSB v1.9.70 and other utilities. RMPrepUSB is similar to the HP Format utility, but much more flexible and should be better at creating a USB Flash memory drive that will boot on most systems successfully. See below for details of these utilities.

Let me know if it works for you please (or even if not)!

I highly recommend a Lexar 512MB JumpDrive or Netac 512MB U2C as being the 'most compatible' UFD. Some older BIOSes will not boot from devices larger than 512MB.

P.S. I forgot to mention that using Bootit.exe to make your Lexar UFD a 'Fixed disk' rather than a 'Removable Disk' also increases your chances of it booting as a hard disk for WinPE/XP/Vista. This also makes it partitionable in XP - you can then have more than one partition on a USB flash drive.

What are these utilities?
  • RMPrepUSB.exe - a user friendly front-end Windows x86 (32-bit) GUI for the command line tool RMPartUSB.exe. When you set the options in RMPrepUSb and click the Prepare Drive button, it will display the command line that it is going to use to run RMPartUSB and then run RMPartUSB. If you have selected a folder, it will then copy the entire contents of that folder over to the new partition when RMPartUSB has finished formatting the UFD. You can then use the Eject button and disconnect the UFD when you have finished.
  • RMPartUSB - a command line Windows app used by RMPrepUSB - allows you to partition and format any USB storage device as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS from Windows XP,2K3,Vista,Win7,2K8. Can be used in scripts/batch files.
  • RMFormat - Windows GUI allows you to format any partition under Windows XP+ as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS (no Windows FAT32 size limit - e.g. can have a 40GB FAT32 partition). Originally developed as a test program to test the FormatEX API on Windows systems for NTFS formatting. Only default Windows cluster size, etc. is possible.
  • RMBootSect - Windows command line utility that changes the boot sector on any disk (similar to MS BootSect). Not all filesystems are supported.
Tried this for Vista/Windows 7 vLited to USB drive installs without problems - tested with Virtualbox

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