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By pcuser View Post
Wow, whats going on.We lost some good members .(damn i just saw the hwbot status we lost 1000 points )
Oh well, we just have to keep going and trying harder.Good luck Jamie and Slovnaft.
I will have to get my s*** together and do some benching. I had so much bad luck lately, hopefully that will change soon.
yeah 1000+ pts lost - we'll get them back eventually

By Uncle Fester View Post
roger dinos all good i just beat that time anyway with a better screenie im at 7.79 seconds 5229ghz

goddammit my comp locked up just as i pasted screen shot then reset and it gone 8.12 is the last good one i have, man those subzero brothers must have sweet OS i want it they have a couple of seconds on me, is there anyway to pull that calculations table up after does it store it anywhere ? i want that 7.97

all good just beat it anyway with 7.78 woot and got good screenie

just hit equal 2nd place with 7.750 seconds
bastards put me in 3rd
great work UC, looking very good there with your submissions

By dinos22 View Post
i just installed a fresh copy of nlited Windows XP and maxmem wasnt available through msconfig

that was weird

first time i've seen that

did a quick search and found out that you can just do it from boot.ini instead

____________________________________________________________ _________

in the boot.ini after /fastdetect add /maxmem=600

for example : multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windo ws Server 2003" /fastdetect /maxmem=512
Yeah been able to do that for ages but weird your nlite xp removed maxmem !
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