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By Slovnaft View Post
yeah guys I was gonna post a 'byebye' thread.
It was great to bench with you for the time I had. Whether on the forum or for those of you I've met in person I've encountered nothing but easygoing, helpful brothers here and top notch benchers.
I really hate just jumping ship, but no hard feeling eh? I'll still be lurking around here one of the few great benching forums
Such a shame ... good luck but don't be a stranger here

By chispy View Post
Its been a great ride for this last 2 years guys , i cannot thank you enough for all that you guys have done and showed me , i will always carry you guys in my heart and i wish you all good luck on the Team , I have been contacted by Vince and i have been admitted to KINGPINCOOLING.COM hwbot team also , so im in the same boat as Slovnaft , thank you i4memory and specially George for having me in your team. I will be around here always , the place with the most friendly people on the net. Good Luck guys and keep pushing it. Thank you.

Sincerely. Angelo.
I'm in shock and a bit sad to see you go .. but I understand. All the best mate and you're always welcome back at anytime

By TheKarmakazi View Post
Not to add insult to injury, but I too am leaving the team for kingpincooling. I was not contacted by Vince or anything so dont think he is actively trying to steal us all. My decision is based on the proximity to vince lab (~3.5 hours drive for me) and other members. You guys can still take 10th back, because gomeler is leaving XS next week, so that will make it easy for you guys.

Your all top notch benchers and an amazing team. I have learned alot here, and amde alot of friends. I really do hope this doesnt come between any of us. I also hope to meet some of my aussie bros one day at GOOC or something similar. Good luck & all the best!!

I will still be posting regularly here
woah, not you too Guess it's understandable with such a temptation and proximity to Vince's lab. Guess we'll be having friendly competitions for pts now hehe.

By youngpro View Post
sorry to leave as well guys but i have to go where the best oppurtunities for me are.....

pffft what am i talking about, i4memory > *
dam James don't scare me like that
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