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Uncore Frequency Testing - preliminary findings

Uncore Frequency Testing - preliminary findings

As to uncore testing, i only really did max uncore extensive test with W3520 D0 on DFI UT X58 around Uncore of 4600-4760mhz for 32M pi-validations. All only i7 920 C0/D0 cpus on DFI UT X58-T3EH8, I didn't push uncore past 4200-4400mhz. On P6T6, only used my poorest/worst i7 920 3836A756 C0 #2 cpu and that easily pushed to 4200mhz uncore for 32M and 4401mhz uncore for validation. This is all on water cooled cpu. So pretty nice the differences could be due to C0 vs D0 stepping or added NF200 on P6T6 ?.

P6T6 though gains performance in 32M pi up to 4200mhz. At 4300+ uncore 32M pi loops were slower than at 4200 and below uncore, so suggests RTL latency etc was too loose at 4300+ uncore. Still more investigating need

So for you viewing pleasure

Super Pi 32M
Uncore Comparisons: 16x vs 18x vs 19x vs 20x vs 21x

Testing uncore frequency on i7 920 3836A756 C0 #2 cpu with P6T6 WS Revolution 0601 beta bios and pretty much the same key voltages needed for 32M Pi stability as with DFI UT X58-T3EH8 tests with W3520 D0 cpu - CPU VTT and VDIMM - as you push Uncore frequency higher you need more CPU VTT uncore volts (QPI/DRAM) and VDIMM

Max screenshot uncore for now is 4401Mhz

Everest Ultimate
Uncore and RTL A/B/C value comparisons

RTL A/B/C = 51/54/54

RTL A/B/C = 61/62/63

RTL A/B/C = 64/66/66

RTL A/B/C = 66/66/67

RTL A/B/C = 69/72/72

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