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By eva2000 View Post
Running at near the max of CPU VID Special Add Limit = Enabled max selectable CPU VID Special Add: 114.17% with CPU VID Control = AUTO which gives me 1.136V idle vcore and max vcore under load of 1.376v. More >114.88% you need to disable CPU VID Special Add Limit but that cancels out the work around fix for Turbo multi and ends up with cpu multi at between 12x to 18x instead of at 21x under load.
It must be a difference in chips or COvsDO but with my special add set to 107.08% with HT on and Vcore Droop Control Disabled I get 1.136 idle and 1.360 load or 1.376 when my core temps get well over 80 or my vrms get above 70 or so I don't know which is the cause of voltage increase. I think it is the cpu temp since I re-did my HS I haven't seen loads over 1.360.
With HT disabled and Vcore Droop Control Enabled and special add set to Aprox 105.5% (I don't remember the exact setting I use) I get an idle of 1.12 and full load of 1.296 and partial load of 1.312.

The reason I picked those settings are they are my stable setting for 191x21 with HT and 193x21 with HT disabled which are my two main profiles I run 24/7
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