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Update: Can confirm see further below for stability tests at 1.312v 4000Mhz
Interesting the vcore required for HyperPi 8x 32M PI test might be just for that, as I started testing Prime95 small FFTs 1hr stable at 20x200 = 4000Mhz at 1.312v and Prime95 Blend custom 5.4GB test at same 1.312v and it's running without problems. So HyperPi 8x32M Pi test might come down to memory/voltage related settings. Will try lower vcore after the custom Blend test and then LinX.
Unfortunately, this D0 stepping i7 920 3851A368 is a mixed bag of sorts with 1 of the 4 cores being weaker than the rest. In Hyper Pi 32M x 8 instance pi test, one core errors out while rest pass at 1.296v vcore. But seems it only for HyperPI 8x32M as Prime95, LinX have no problems at 1.312v so far - see below here.

20x200bclk = 4000Mhz
  • Super Pi 8x 32M HyperPi instances needed 1.344v vcore to pass BUT
  • Super Pi 1x 32M single instance needed much less 1.296v vcore to pass being able to keep same 1.296v vcore all the way to 4104Mhz single Super Pi 32M without problems.

Boots easily at 1.248v

Single Super Pi 32M

@4000Mhz & @4104Mhz

Super Pi 32M x 8 instances (Hyper Pi)


And want to see the fastest i7 920 on the planet courtesy of Windows 7 and CPUZ flakiness during Hyper Pi 8x 32M Pi test ? How about 12200Mhz - 61x200bclk LOL

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