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Hey i remember supa Titan from Guru3D on my Pro-Gaming Days when i used to play in clanbase and OWCG . i used to be a Pro Player in the Need For Speed Series , good ol days. Im glad he will be there. Benji sorry to hear you cannot make it , i know you did tried to get your passport ready and all , dont worry next year we will have a big Benching Party in My Beach House in Puerto Rico and hopefully you will make it then , Next event will be in Puerto Rico and it will be my turn to take care of you guys while in my place overclocking , in my Place next event next year ok.

Oh boy do i have a surprise for you guys to share with all of you, i will show you once i get there , Guys i think we will have all the Top 5 Spots in PCMark05 and PCMark Vantage ** Take a guess what i will share with you guys ** It start with an A

Cya guys in 16 days and counting down.
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