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Thank you , Booj , kosta ,DrNip and Benji. We have this bench party planned since January this year , as Slovnaft and I have to fly to New York where Jamie(The Karmakasi) lives and I have to shipped everything in Big Boxes so that i can bench with the best hardware i have. Gino (Cowie)
lives in New Jersey so it will be 2 or 3 hours drive for him. Thanks a lot to The Karmakasi for the good planning and for let us use his house for this event. A few weeks more to go and we will meet for a Frosted weekend . Looking forward to meet with all of you my friends. Kosta it would be nice if you can organize something similar in Aussie land to make some really hwbot damage all together at the same time . Cheer guys.

Yep, that's the way we do in France. Huge bench party, and around 1200 points on hwbot (900 before some people reports..).

Nobody lives in Western Europe ? What about such an event for the birthday of i4 ? We do it the same way for JMH for example (26 people)

Try to make good boxes for your hardware because each time i do it, our french deliverer find the way to damage everything !
Take a lot of pics, and enjoy.
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