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Some cascade funs with E8600, P5E3 Premium & HD4890 crossfire

Hey guys, as some of you would know, a brand spanking new Kayl cascade and a pair of HD4890 video cards arrived this week. After a good bench session, i've got a few results to share

This is my first ever sub zero bench session hehe.. Insulation and setup was a breeze, thanks to the kneaded erasers and kayl's mounting and backplate. It got even easier when the Q820A599 E8600 i am using showed no cold bug problems at all. After about 4 or 5 hours of benching, everything was still alive! The cold bug switch for this cascade hasn't needed to be used. I did try it out though. It sounds awesome


E8600 Q820A599
Asus P5E3 Premium bios 0704
2x1gb G.Skill 1800C7 D9JNM
2x Sapphire HD4890 reference cards w/ stock air coolers
WD 74gb Raptor older one.
Seasonic M12 700w

Best 1m didn't save it properly It was 7.6x seconds at 6050mhz

Max Valid 6133mhz


The main course. These are all untweaked runs. I'm going to learn how to tweak 3d hehe
HD4890 Crossfire 3d Mark 2001


05 Really happy with this one


There is more to come. More single card and 3d06. I'll take my 4850's for a spin sometime and switch over to the i7 for 32m

Thanks for looking guys (Eva feel free to move to another section)
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