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Hi, anyone tried the Team Xtreem 3x1gb 1866 ?

I have this kit with a DFI T3eH6 and i920 and i'm not able to run at the specs 2T 9-9-9-24 v 1,65.

I tried
- BLCK 133, BLCK:RAM 1:7
- BLCK 155, BLCK:RAM 1:6
- BLCK 187, BLCK:RAM 1:5
and windows not start or freeze after few seconds.

For stability i have to set VTT voltage to 1,40 and DRAM voltage to 1,755 ... I think they are too higher for the default ...

RAM at 1600 seems OK but higher always fails

Any ideas?
Bad ram? BIOS problem? Motherboard problem?
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