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By dinos22 View Post

now we have to get those polish guys somehow hehe
we'll catch them

By dinos22 View Post
i'm on 800 points flat at the moment hehehe

my 3D efficiency is back too w00t

now i have to figure out this LN2 OCing problem

lol eva i saw your PCMARK05 submission today and when eeek...until i saw what the deal was
good luck getting that windows startup time approved by FM LOL heheh
congrats dino on 800pts

Got a reply from FM and it seems there's a chance it will go through. Will do what they suggest later today with a rerun (might as well as above you can see the 2D windows test is quite low).


Thank you for contacting Futuremark. This error may be due to outdated Futuremark systeminfo software. I suggest updating your software by running VirtualMark off of our website and accepting the download/install of more recent systeminfo software.

This will most likely solve your problem.

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