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TPower i45 + E8500 Stuck @ 3.8ghz

Hello, I was sent here by cowie to try and get help with my T-Power i45 + E8500 + OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 2x2Gb + 8800 GTS 512@ 870/2106/2000 1.38V

I seem to be stuck at 3.8ghz with this board and E8500 + OCZ Reaper DDR1066 2x2Gb. Also I have noticed that I can not get the board to even boot with anything higher than 400x9.5, anything higher than 400 even with lower multi does not boot into windows. The odd thing is that the 3.8ghz setting is rock solid for 4 hours under Orthos Beta

Sometimes when trying an overclock (after restart) I will see the computer turn off fans/lights and sit for a second or two and then try to power back on. Now when I am trying a new OC sometimes it will loop this action over and over. Why is the lights/fans turning off during a restart? I've never seen a board act like that before.

I have also noticed that sometimes when I boot into Vista Business x64 (a lot of the time actually) I'll see some black screen tearing at the login screen for a split second and then it goes away and I don't see it again until the next restart.

Is there any settings I need to turn off/on besides:

FSB FineTune: Disabled
Intel Speed Step: Disabled
CE1: Disabled
Memory PL: 10T
CPU Skew: 200ps
(G)MCH Clock Skew: auto
CPU Clock Driving: 900mV
MCH GTL Ref: 59%
DDR2 Enhanced: Auto
Config by SPD: Disabled

FSB to NB Latch: FSB 1066
DRAM Freq: DDR2 1000

RComp Configuration 3

PL: 10T
tCL: 5
tRP: 5
tRCD: 5
tRAS: 15
tWR: 6
tRFC: 42
tWTR: 3
tRRD: 3
tRTP: 3

Write Precharge Delay: 14
Read Precharge Delay: 4
Precharge All to Act Delay: 4
Precharge All to Refresh Delay: 4
R-to-W Delay: 8
R-to-R Delay: 4
W-to-R Delay: 11
Refresh Counter: 2600T

If anyone could give me some assistance to hit 4.0ghz that would be great.

Cooling: Antec 900 + Tuniq Tower 120 + Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound

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