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Single Card Results!

3DM01 - Not tweaked or optimized at all. Will be focusing more on 01 with my 4870 and 2x4870 as I believe they are better suited for it.
2008-12-07 16.26.46.jpg

2008-12-07 16.46.51.jpg

AM3 - last bench I ran when I finally figured out how to get over 6100Mhz Not sure how much more headroom I have until I hit the next wall though, since I didnt push it very hard.
2008-12-07 17.27.26.jpg

2008-12-07 17.38.58.jpg

3DM03 I was getting ultra low score bug When I first ran the card in 03 (on air) I got about 96K (at 4.8ghz) now at 6Ghz I was getting mid 80K.... no combination of reboots/psu power down/etc would get my scores normal Even though I didnt hit my 6.2ghz goal, I was happy with the session. I am sure with more tweaking I can get higher. My pouring skills are also getting better and I can control the temps within a tighter range. I definitely need a new pot though.

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