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By tuchan View Post
Interesting information and thread all round. I personally hope AMD can pull the performance off, competition is what is needed to push further and faster than ever
I agree but I think what is going to be AMD's strength is scaleability.

While I don't have the numbers to support this next comment, I do believe that Intel still has the clock vs clock efficiency and therefore AMD will need to maintain a degree of headroom in scaling beyond the maximums reached by Intel's processors.

In the end though, anything to shake up the market leader in any space is a warm welcome

By dinos22 View Post
What the ****
Yeah, kind ****ty huh. But I got an email just a little earlier from Ms. Intel and she's on the ball now so hopefully I'll have a reply within 24 hours. If not... well, tough titties, the story has to go out.

By cowie View Post
yup i'd like to see amd do well with these chips.
Yeah mate, I think many of us want to see AMD back in the game.

Truth be told I've been an Intel man at heart for many, many years purely because I enjoyed high frequency scaling but I'll always sway to whatever is the fastest. If this next advancement from AMD can put them back within the sites of Intel, it would be awesome. Because, frankly, at the moment they're trailing horribly.


I mentioned in the OCAU thread that an Athlon X2 7750 was given to me at this event for testing and the NDA date was yet to be confirmed. Well, I've since got confirmation on that date and it is December the 15th so we've gotta sit tight for a bit until info can be posted on that. I will however enquire just how much information regarding the X2 7750 is under embargo and see if anything can be disclosed prior to the December 15th date.

Also, though cameras weren't allowed during the Austin Tech Day demonstration, AMD did take photos and here are some that have been provided to show:

The LN2 demonstration; as I mentioned, the pot was filled to the top.

These were the four overclocked systems on display.
From right to left it went air, water, vapo, LN2.

If you look closely, in the pic on the left the temp probe reads -189.9 degrees Celsius.
One of the two peeps behind the LN2 demo, in-house overclocker Sammy.

Sammy and John (the man responsible for the 7-series chipsets) stand by their work.

The other member of the OC demo duo, Daniel, as he pours the LN2 into the pot.
An earlier photo as Daniel cooled the system down; this shot at 'just' -144 degrees Celsius.

For more images and others from previous AMD events, check out the flickr album here:
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