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News 09-11-2008 08:50 PM

[TheInquirer.com Processors] Ex-Intel man in whole heap of trouble
Paul Taylor the Inquirer, Thursday 6 November 2008. 12:45:00

Billion dollar price on taking secrets to AMD

BACK IN SEPTEMBER we reported on a former Intel engineer being charged with stealing Intel’s most secret of design files and carrying them off to AMD in a poorly-executed attempt to impress his new masters. The continuing investigation into the misbehaviour of Biswahoman Pani has now led Federal prosecutors to add four more charges and slap a price tag on the theft, a big round $1 billion. The charges could net Pani a lifetime in jail or a hefty fine and a new career flipping burgers at McDonald’s. In the real world, Intel engineers, like most techie workers, take work home with them every day – it’s a fact of 21st century life....




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