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News 14-05-2011 03:01 AM

[Techpowerup.com] (PR) MSI Announces New CR460 Performance Notebook
Generally speaking, a notebook computer that packs a second generation Intel Core i5 processor, a webcam with 720p resolution, and the latest SRS PC Sound, it's going to cost a small fortune. But that's not true with MSI's CR460 NB. Not only does it come with the aforementioned features, the latest generation Bluetooth 3.0 optional. High-end computers are now available at wallet-friendly prices.

Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales, MSI Notebook, observes that the chassis and palm rest areas of the CR460 multimedia notebook computer are protected by MSI's own color film print with a sophisticated checkerboard pattern. The NB also has a profile marked by crisp, beautiful lines set off by an independent chiclet keyboard and nickel-plated touchpad keys. The CR460 is truly a beautiful creation both inside and out.

http://www.techpowerup.com/img/11-05-13/72b_thm.jpg http://www.techpowerup.com/img/11-05-13/72c_thm.jpg


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