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scottath 01-04-2009 12:58 AM

1 Crucial Stick dead - Memtest86 problem/fails at non-existant address
Hey all,

Just got some new cheap ram to make up 4gb for a while.
It is Apacer DDR2 800 2*1gb along with my Crucial Ballistix.
Just running memtest atm (ram at stock, cpu at 3.6ghz) and am getting errors - but at a weird place.

Total of 4gb of ram - errors happening at addresses at 4593.9mb - that dosent exist for me?????:confused:
Using Memtest86+ v2.11 (released late last year i think) and i get an around 60 errors per loop (64 first time, 129 second time, 189 third time)

Can anyone shed some light onto this? Do i just ignore it?
Will be resetting all overclocking to defualts tomorrow morning and testing again.....sleep time now (12.58AM)



EDIT: would an unstable CPU cause this at all? as i'm not sure as to the stability of it atm
EDIT 2: Reloaded all defaults in the bios - still errors at 4593.9 or 4593.9mb......

eva2000 01-04-2009 01:32 AM

which tests the errors in will shed light on what issue it is http://i4memory.com/f79/memtest86-v2-11-a-6/

don't ignore the errors and load windows - could corrupt your OS !

make sure tRFC is set to 52-60+ or higher first and try different dividers.

USB Legacy have that disabled in bios before memtest'ing

scottath 01-04-2009 10:57 AM

That was running Test 5 (that's the one i usually run for stability testing - read that it is the most likely to error)

Also should i change any of the Ai Clock Twister or Ai transaction booster ? both on auto atm

Running memtest now - DDD2 800, 2N, 5-5-5-15 tRFC of 65 - 1.8v

Nope - still erroring......

Why is it erroring at address 4593mb when only have 4096mb or ram......if just find this confusing

eva2000 01-04-2009 11:46 AM

For the address detection can't exactly remember the reason to it.. might want to ask on Memtest86+ forums http://forum.canardpc.com/forumdisplay.php?f=73

But from the README


6) Memory Sizing
The BIOS in modern PC's will often reserve several sections of memory for
it's use and also to communicate information to the operating system (ie.
ACPI tables). It is just as important to test these reserved memory blocks
as it is for the remainder of memory. For proper operation all of memory
needs to function properly regardless of what the eventual use is. For
this reason Memtest86+ has been designed to test as much memory as is

However, safely and reliably detecting all of the available memory has been
problematic. Versions of Memtest86+ prior to v0.91 would probe to find where
memory is. This works for the vast majority of motherboards but is not 100%
reliable. Sometimes the memory size is incorrect and worse probing the wrong
places can in some cases cause the test to hang or crash.

Starting in version 0.91 alternative methods are available for determining the
memory size. By default the test attempts to get the memory size from the
BIOS using the "e820" method. With "e820" the BIOS provides a table of memory
segments and identifies what they will be used for. By default Memtest86+
will test all of the ram marked as available and also the area reserved for
the ACPI tables. This is safe since the test does not use the ACPI tables
and the "e820" specifications state that this memory may be reused after the
tables have been copied. Although this is a safe default some memory will
not be tested.

Two additional options are available through online configuration options.
The first option (BIOS-All) also uses the "e820" method to obtain a memory
map. However, when this option is selected all of the reserved memory
segments are tested, regardless of what their intended use is. The only
exception is memory segments that begin above 3gb. Testing has shown that
these segments are typically not safe to test. The BIOS-All option is more
thorough but could be unstable with some motherboards.

The second option for memory sizing is the traditional "Probe" method.
This is a very thorough but not entirely safe method. In the majority of
cases the BIOS-All and Probe methods will return the same memory map.

For older BIOS's that do not support the "e820" method there are two
additional methods (e801 and e88) for getting the memory size from the
BIOS. These methods only provide the amount of extended memory that is
available, not a memory table. When the e801 and e88 methods are used
the BIOS-All option will not be available.

The MemMap field on the display shows what memory size method is in use.
Also the RsvdMem field shows how much memory is reserved and is not being
Question is tried running apacer by themselves ? any errors ? could be faulty modules ? remember for 4x modules raising NB volts is needed too over 2x modules.

scottath 01-04-2009 11:49 AM

Just been trying them all by themselves
Both Apacers are fine - one of my Ballistix is erroring at stock.....going to bump voltage of it to it's other stock setting (4-4-4-12 @2.2v) and HOPE it dosent error......mine are good ballistix - double sided..i really dont want to rma them........*fingers crossed*

I'll try the NB frirst though

scottath 01-04-2009 12:03 PM


Added much more than i needed NB voltage - no go
Now memtest will not work with any of my sticks (like it wont start it actually test)

Reflash my motherboards bios to the normal P5E and try again?
I cannot think of anything else to do

eva2000 01-04-2009 12:08 PM

what fsb and mem divider you're using ? 9x400FSB 1:1 ? It won't start in what way ? freeze/hang on entering memtest or system reboot on entering memtest ?

scottath 01-04-2009 12:14 PM

I set it back to all defaults:
266*9 (used to be at 400*9 or 450*8 depending on what i was doing) ram is running at 800mhz which ever divider that is (Bios just shows values, not ratios)

Hanging at this screen:


That was taken on one of the Apacer sticks - dose it will all of them though

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