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Upgrading to Dell U2410s - - different look at memory


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Upgrading to Dell U2410s

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Posted 14-07-2010 at 05:35 AM by eva2000

Two weeks ago Dell Australia had an end of financial year sale which effectively knocked ~32% off the RRP of their monitors - so I picked up 3x Dell U2410s

The monitors arrived around 2 weeks ago, but I've been very busy with work + relatives coming to visit these past 2 weeks, so only found the time today to open up one of the monitors and set it up to replace the position on my desk which had my BenQ FP2091 20" 1600x1200 monitor.

Guess the good thing about relatives visiting in that it forced me to get off my butt and clean up my room. First time in years you could actually see the desk or floor Had to get a 2nd desk to put up against my main desk to extend desk space from 120cm to 180cm.

Here's some photos below. Too busy with work right now to setup the other 2x Dell U2410 but hopefully get around to them

Cleaned up desk with old setup, 20" BenQ 1600x1200 + 22" BenQ 1680x1050 installed on purchased Marco gas assisted dual monitor C-clamp arm (purchased 6+ yrs ago).

Beautiful sight - 3x Dell U2410 1920x1200 monitors

Unboxing and testing of the first Dell U2410 before installing.

Dell U2410 menus

Vesa 100mm mount & Input connectors

Marco LCD arm mounting mechanism - simple installation, hold monitor in one hand and screw in screws with other hand.

Temporary setup for now as very busy with work etc. Eventually removing 22" BenQ 1680x1050 from right side and putting the 20" BenQ 1600x1200 to the right as it's shorter in width and will fit better. Then I have 2x independent Redleaf 13-30" desk C-Clamp mount arms for the remaining 2x Dell U2410

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